Event Experience & Research

We’ve got well over a decade’s worth of experience in being an active part of conferences, conventions, hackathons, fundraisers, and various other events. In fact, we’ve been producers, volunteers, coordinators, leaders, talent, and attendees, which gives us a well-rounded view of what it means to pull off an event.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to producing events, and much of the work producers do is invisible. That doesn’t make it any less challenging, and we can help! We’ll help you design a great event experience for your attendees, your guests, and your staff. In many cases, you already have a strong experience that you want to improve upon, and we can help!

Organizational Transformation & Coaching

Our broad experience as consultants has afforded us the opportunity to help a variety of organizations shift their focus toward a human-centered approach. We work with your team to benchmark where your organization is, the appropriate strategic shift within your timeframe, and the steps to get there. With that charter in mind, we’ll identify a mixture of curriculum and coaching to help you drive your organization to the next level.

Customer & User Experience Consulting

Our foundation is in customer and user experience design. We’ve got decades of experience in working on experiences for every customer and user type you may have.

When it comes to your customers and users, we know how to find them, work with them, and help you better understand them, their motivations, and their desires. Then, we’ll work with you to create a plan to continually improve upon their experiences and elevate their expectations.

In addition to customer and user experience consulting, we offer a variety of training and workshops to help you and your team quickly make a shift toward being more human-centered.